Memorial Day Remembrance

A Prayer for Memorial Day

By Pastor Heather

Father, we come before you in awe of the many blessings you give to us.  The gifts of your son and the Holy Spirit show us your love and generosity.  As we celebrate Pentecost, we pay special attention to the gift of your Holy Spirit. You not only sent your son as a sacrifice for all of humanity’s sins, you sent your spirit to be with us and within us.  You seek to be with us, in every moment.  We are humbled and we thank you.

We come before you, God, and humbly ask your forgiveness for our sinful thoughts, words and actions.

We come before you, God, and lift a special prayer of thanksgiving this morning.  We enjoy freedoms in this country that many around the word only dream of having.  And as you showed us when you sacrificed your son so that we would be free from sin, freedom doesn’t come without cost.

This morning, as our country observes Memorial Day, we remember and honor those who have given their lives while serving and defending our country.  We ask a special blessing of peace for their families and friends.  And we offer our gratitude for their sacrifice.  We, who can gather together to worship you without fear of persecution or harm, and who have so many other freedoms, again, are humbled and grateful.  In this moment of silence, we honor our fallen servicemen and women.

(Taps is played.)

No words can express our heavy, yet thankful hearts.  You know the pain of sacrifice, and the blessings that can come from it.  May we never forget that you are with us, in every joy and in every suffering. Amen.

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