Resources & Classes

This multi-generational church family is a safe place for every generation to learn, laugh, and grow in their faith.

Adult Classes

Sunday morning

The Singles and Doubles Sunday School Class meets in the parlor following Sunday’s worship service. The class studies the Bible or books (usually with a DVD) about issues related to spirituality, discipleship, or theology, applying insights to daily life. Leadership of the sessions is shared, as desired, and all persons are encouraged to participate in the discussions.  This is an open and welcoming group for adults of all ages and all levels of spiritual experience across the theological spectrum. Ideas are shared with appreciation and respect. 

The Modern Disciples Class meets downstairs and reads books authored by God-inspired people such as Adam Hamilton and Max Lucado. Our discussion allows us to connect the content of the books to our own Bible study and our experiences.

Children & Youth

Sunday morning classes are held at 10:15